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Drawing12 November 2020 Drawing is all about practice. Most of my work is drawing and I am continually challenged by it. Sometimes certain drawings are easy but others are more difficult. Of course, that always centers on what the purpose of the drawing is. I have had all types of experiences as a draughtsman including…

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15 October 2020 There are many times as an artist, creating paintings and sculptures, that I feel I have been constrained. This has been mostly my own doing through various choices and decisions. I always question what are things that constrain an artist. I think the most prevalent constraint is time. I am always battling…

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Observing and Constructing

15 October 2020 Many years ago, while I was working in the foundry at the Johnson Atelier, I observed renowned sculptor and resident artist, Isaac Witkin pulling scraps out of the bin and laying them out on the floor. The scraps were free-form spills from the pouring of bronze and cut off sprue bars from…

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